We Ensure the Financial Health of Our Clients

by building a foundation of best practices in claim procedures and documentation.

YF Corporation builds medical billing systems designed to maximize reimbursements for healthcare providers.

The foundations we build assure best practices in claims procedures and documentation are met the moment the patient walks in the door. This methodology results in greater reimbursement ratios as well as improved financial health of our clients.

YF Corporation was established in 2001 after realizing that many provider core services were inefficient and non-compliant. Many Healthcare Providers processes were outdated and not consistent with federal rules and guidelines. This piecemeal method created gaps where claims reimbursements would fall through.

YF Corporations expertise and knowledge enable us to deliver multiple tiers of core services into a single, streamlined process designed to maximize reimbursements the moment the patient walks through the door.

YF Corporation continuously strives to be at the forefront of the medical claims reimbursement industry. We have become a national leader in the claims appeals process by participating in the nation’s first ERISA PPACA Claims Appeals Certification program.

Our strategy is simple – we implement solutions dedicated to billing, coding, revenue recovery services, claims review, and compliance as soon as the patient arrives at your office. Doing this ensures patients get the care they need and the doctor gets reimbursed for the procedures they perform.