Maximized Revenue for All Healthcare Providers

Full Service & Multi-faceted Approach

Fast and Accurate Claims Payments

Streamlined Medical Reimbursement Processes

YF Corporation focuses on streamlining medical reimbursement processes to maximize revenue for all Healthcare Providers.

Our full service, multi-faceted approach facilitates every medical reimbursement need a Healthcare Provider can have.

Improving administrative efficiency helps make healthcare more affordable for their patients. We put into place a process in which providers can reap the benefits of best practices addressing fast and accurate claims payments.

YF Corporation’s unique and specialized knowledge enables us to achieve maximum reimbursements for our clients even in the case of an adverse benefit denial or alleged overpayment recoupment or offset. Our specialized skills include:

Medical Billing & Coding

YF Corporation’s medical billing services handle the “dirty work” typically associated with the billing process.

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YF Corporation puts more effort into getting claims paid correctly the first time to save precious health care dollars and reduce unnecessary administrative tasks that take time and resources away from patient care.

There are No upfront costs for software licensing, No investments in hardware and servers, and No hidden expenses for maintenance and data back-up. Our turnkey, comprehensive billing services relieve your staff of administrative burdens and are what sets YF Corporation apart. Services include:

  • Claim Tracking
  • Critical Follow-Up Time
  • Denial Management
  • Claim Auditing

Claim Denial Appeals

Our unique knowledge in overpayment requests, UCR denials, Medical Necessity denials, and pre-authorization denials enables us to achieve maximum reimbursements. 

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We continuously strive to improve our knowledge and expertise in the medical claims reimbursement industry and have become a national leader in the claims appeals process by participating in the nation’s first ERISA PPACA Claims Appeals Certification program.

  • Medical Necessity Denials/No-Pay Denials
  • UCR/Low Pay Denials
  • Overpayment Recoupment Denials
  • Precertification/Preauthorization denials
  • Policy Exclusion Denials

Out Of Network Specialists

YF Corporation specializes in Out-Of-Network billing and collections and helps non-contracting entities navigate the complexity of OON billing and reimbursements.

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According to a government report, over 70% of insured Americans have out-of-network (OON) coverage, yet, for many medical facilities and providers, “out of network” means “out of luck” as they come up against an increasing number of payers issuing total claims denials and overpayment recoupments worth millions of dollars.

YF Corporation is the only billing company in the nation that offers Out-of-Network Healthcare Reimbursement Compliance Program (OHR), a series of modules focusing on compliance risk management, fraud and abuse prevention and ERISA/PPACA-compliant best practices and appeals.

Evaluate & Streamline
Practice Workflow

By auditing a practice or facility, and having open dialogue about areas for improvement and enhancing business processes, we are removing unnecessary expenses that contribute to high costs.

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Many steps and processes are required between the time the patient leaves your office and when reimbursement is received. Our turnkey processes reduce paperwork and administrative tasks, relieve your staff of administrative burdens, including:

  • Claim Tracking
  • Denial Management
  • Claim Auditing
  • Critical follow-up time

All of this allows you to improve your organization’s performance and increase revenue.

Consulting Services

YF Corporation has accumulated a wealth of knowledge to assist healthcare professionals understand how federal regulations impact their medical reimbursements.

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YF Corporation’s thorough understanding of the ERISA/PPACA regulations and mandates process is a powerful tool for the entire healthcare industry. YF Corporation offers custom evaluation to all types of healthcare professionals to ensure efficient practice management.

The Affordable Care Act mandates administrative efficiencies through operating rules for specific financial and administrative transactions which will definitely reduce costs and streamline administrative processes for providers and health plans alike. Consulting provided by YF Corporation is custom designed to your needs to teach you what you need to know.

OIG's Most Wanted Fugitives at

Overpayment Recoupment & Written Off Receivables

Have you been the victim of Overpayment Recoupment practices?

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These refund requests are deployed retrospectively (post-adjudication, post-payment) and many times result in withholding or “offsets” of future payments from healthcare providers for the same or even other unrelated patients. YF Corporation can help you stop unauthorized withholding of claims payments. YF Corporation can also assist in recovering your aging Account Receivables or “Dead Claims”.